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Playing drums of any kind is truly why I exist but nothing replaces that feeling I get when I'm onstage doing what I love, and connecting with the audience because of that.
- Dan Johnson

About Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson has been called one of the hottest hard rock/metal drummers on the scene today. He is currently a member of Korn guitarist, Brian "Head" Welch's Love and Death, as well as the touring drummer for the Christian rock band, Red. When not touring and recording he takes on drum students.

In 2009 Brian Welch recruited a touring lineup in order to promote his solo album. He held open auditions and Dan was selected over thousands of other potential drummers. In 2012 Welch re-branded that band as Love and Death. Dan later signed on as Red's touring drummer in 2014, recording with the band the following year.

Dan performs on both the Chemicals EP (2012) and the full length Love and Death debut, Between Here & Lost (2013). He is also the drummer on Red's fifth studio album, Of Beauty and Rage (2015).

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